About Women's Foundation of Alabama

Women’s Foundation of Alabama is the leading voice and philanthropic engine for women in the state driving a mission of gender and economic equity. A trusted leader in the philanthropic sector for more than two decades, in recent years, the Foundation has strategically expanded its power and influence beyond Greater Birmingham and even beyond philanthropy, creating systemic change through ground-breaking research and legislative advocacy.  

The Women’s Foundation of Alabama has invested over $8 million in initiatives, research, and policy to strengthen our community by building equitable opportunities for women.

Driven by research, we identify and fund innovative solutions to address critical needs and remove barriers to create deep, long-lasting change for our region and state.

As Alabama’s first and only philanthropic foundation solely addressing the unique needs of women and girls, we leverage the resources of generous individuals, nonprofits, corporate partners, and community leaders to build a world where all women thrive.

By accelerating opportunities for all women, we also strengthen entire families and communities today and for generations to come.


Women’s Foundation of Alabama is a community-driven foundation impacting the world around us by accelerating economic opportunity for women.


We envision a society where power and possibility are not limited by gender, race, or place.

To learn more, visit: www.wfalabama.org and watch the video below.





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