Clearing the Path Past Reports


Clearing the Path: Galvanizing the Economic Impact of Women potlights the substantial role women play in Alabama’s economy and the tremendous opportunity for growth if and only if barriers are addressed that preclude women’s full participation in the workforce.

The report also highlights four key strategies to eliminating these barriers which would have an immediate and tangible impact on the state’s workforce and economy.


Clearing the Path: Strengthening Child Care, Strengthening Alabama examines the role quality child care plays in building and sustaining a gender-inclusive workforce to fuel Alabama’s economy.

The report also addresses solutions from making quality child care a hallmark of economic development and workforce planning to cultivate a greater child care supply and supporting affordability and access for families at all income levels.


Status of Women in Alabama is the first edition of a series examining barriers and opportunities for Alabama women, positioning WFA as a clearinghouse of data on the well-being of women across the state.


Clearing the Path: Building a Sustainable and Inclusive Workforce, examines the question of how the state’s workforce development system serves women and their families and provides recommendations for building a workforce development system that truly works for women.


Clearing the Path: Next Steps - Creating Birmingham's Family Friendly Workplaces examines how family-friendly workplace policies create a stronger economic future for Greater Birmingham. Through research and educational events, Clearing the Path’s goal is to ensure women are a targeted part of the solution to our state’s workforce challenges. When employers adopt family-friendly workplace policies, companies can better attract and retain a strong workforce and mothers are able to provide for their families.


Clearing the Path: Removing Barriers to Sustainable Employment for Working Single Mothers examines the barriers that working single mothers from a five-county region face and how we can advoacte for their success and well-being.

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